***All items are machine sewen(not including small details that have to be hand sewed!) Added colors/accessories and complicated markings will increase the price for any item. Prices listed are base prices. Please go to the quote option and submit a quote to get an exact price.***

Head -

Fully finished and lined head, comes with an installed fan in the muzzle and USB battery pack. Can choose 3D or 2D toony eyes at no extra cost.
Starts at $500+

Fleece only heads-

Head only, fleece face with fur accents

Flat price of $300, any colors

Head base -

Just a foam base, can come with eyes installed or jaw set for an extra cost.
Starts at $100+

Paws -

Flat paws with stuffed paw pads and nails. Unlined but super cozy!
Starts at $60+

Tail -

Tails are completely machine sewed with a sturdy base and belt loop. I do not do posable tails but am willing to try!  Measurement is a rough estimate, not exact.
Nub tail: $20+(10 inches)
Short: $30(1 foot)
Medium: $45+(2 feet)
Long: $60+(3 feet)
Floor dragger: $85+ (5 feet)

Feet paws -

Feet paws will soon be able to fit your own shoes! They do not come with claws but are able to be customized with any foot size.
Start at $70+

Sleeves -

Machine sewed, request if you want paws attached when buying both, standard is unattached.
$45+ for one color

Mini partial -

This includes a fully finished head, paws, and tail.
Starts at $600+

Full partial -

This includes a fully finished head, paws, sleeves, feet paws and tail.
Starts at $750+

Plantigrade full suit -(Quote required)

Starts at $1,000+

Digigrade full suit -(Quote required)


Half body(Digigrade) -(Quote required)


Extras/add on:

Only valid for current commissions, not for parts.

Gauges/Piercings etc -

You can not buy gauges alone unless you’ve purchased a head as well. Gauges are customizable and you can get a maximum of 5 sets.
Starts at $10+

Removable tongue -

Price is for an extra tongue, does not charge for a standard tongue.

Magnetic eyelids -

Only done this once but still learning! Am willing to practice more, price is high to afford magnets.

Horns/ feathers -

Usually made with Minky/fleece or another fabric such as leather.
Starts at $20+